Red Light Therapy


  • Single Session            $14
  • 3 Session Package     $37 (expires after 1 year)
  • 5 Session Package     $52 (expires after 1 year)
  • 10 Session Package   $100 (expires after 1 year)
  • 1 Month Unlimited       $65   
  • VIP- Monthly Auto Draft   $50

What Is Red Light Therapy 

Red light therapy (RLT) is a powerful therapeutic technique and an alternative healing method. It uses red low-level wavelengths of light for a variety of therapeutic purposes, including wound healing, scars, and other skin issues, inflammation, pain, hair growth, and sleep quality (1)

Red light therapy was originally used in the 1990s by scientists to help grow plants in space, because of its ability to promote photosynthesis and plant growth. Further research and experience have found that alterations influence cellular redox state and function and positively affect their photosensitivity resulting in a variety of health benefits.

Today it is widely for the listed therapeutic benefits. It is used in medical settings for skin conditions, wounds, and chemotherapy side effects, in salons for cosmetic skin concerns, and even in personal home settings for any desired benefits (1, 2)


How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

Red light therapy is a low-level laser therapy that is a form of photobiomodulation.  Photobiomodulation refers to using light to modulate our biology.  This process exposes your body to low wavelength red lights that penetrate deep into your skin. Unlike ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun, RLT is safe and doesn’t burn your skin.

You won’t get a tan or get a sunburn, instead, you receive all the benefits of the red light deep inside on a cellular level when standing or sitting several inches from an RLT device. This process may help to increase cellular energy and antioxidants in your body.

Research has shown that through red light therapy, the mitochondria in the skin cells are able to soak up the beneficial light particles, create more ATP energy, and able to fuel all cells with energy with it. Since your body is able to use this extra energy for rejuvenation and repair, this energy provided to your cells may contribute to many of the positive benefits of RLT (2)


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